We are a Healthcare Solutions company with its sights set on shaking up a stodgy healthcare information technology industry.


The “business of medicine” has overwhelmed the “practice of medicine”.

Paying little respect to tradition in a business rooted in tradition, PASHealth has created a formidable array of technology, resources and allies to enable it to become an agent of radical change in what has traditionally been a slowly evolving healthcare environment.

The PASHealth Web Portal System including Digital writing capabilities (D-PAS) is a total healthcare transaction processing solution. The PAS Web Portal System improves processing efficiencies and significantly reduces administrative expenses for physician practices, hospitals, medical centers, clinics and the insurance payers.

"It allows me to spend more time with the patient."

" A high-tech product with a low-tech operating method."

"Digital Pen and Paper EMR Solutions is the best of both worlds."



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