Ever Dream About What You'd Do with an Extra $42,000?



The Savings to Make it Happen.


A recent Milliman study* reported that the average physician could save $42,000 by automating eligibility and claims processing. By automating these key reimbursement cycle steps with the Patient Access Solutions Terminal  and Web Portal and D-PAS programs, providers can do far more than just save money: our solutions work together to increase up-front collections and reduce errors to increase first-pass acceptance rates. We can help you automate your more time-consuming manual processes to help you realize savings.


All Payers. One Login.


Patient Access Solutions Terminal and Web Portal and D-PAS programs connects providers to one of the largest, most trusted network of payers in the industry for key claim management tasks and eligibility checks in real-time. While payer websites might seem free, managing the numerous usernames, passwords and web addresses can be inefficient and cost you more than you think. The Patient Access Solutions Web Portal and D-PAS programs eliminates wasted time by giving you access to real-time information from all of your payers through one page, a single sign-on, with one username and password. We combine the information and benefits from the numerous payer websites into one simple, secure portal.


One Solution. Low Cost.


In addition to getting all of your eligibility information in one place, Patient Access Solutions terminal and Web Portal and D-PAS programs is the key to helping improve first-pass acceptance rates, and accelerate reimbursements. No matter how you look at it, Patient Access Solutions Web Portal and D-PAS programs are the low-cost, web-based solution that is simple and easy to use.


For very little investment you can automate so many key parts of your reimbursement and payment processes, you’ll know things are running smoothly back at the office when they stamp your passport!


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*Source of cost and savings data: Milliman. Electronic Transaction Savings Opportunities For Physician Practices, 2006. To read the full Milliman study.