Patient Access Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 2006.


Recognizing that healthcare is the largest industry in the world and that it offers many opportunities to capture data and complete transactions electronically, the Company began to apply its technology knowledge in this marketplace. Patient Access Solutions, Inc., as a technology solutions provider is focused on quality and service within the healthcare community, with an overall focus of using innovative and secure technology to facilitate their client’s needs.

Having invested fourteen years into the industry, the principals of PASHealth developed a single sign-on, web-based, ASP platform which offered electronic medical verification and claims processing system.

In the latter part of 2007 PASHealth signed an exclusive sales and distribution contract for the healthcare industry adding a digital data capture process (D-PAS) into the PASHealth Web Portal System. D-PAS is powered in conjunction with software design from Dream Technologies and, digital pen interfacing from Anoto technologies.

PASHealth is able to offer today, one of the most powerful patient verification/medical eligibility, patient data capture, medical record and billing systems available anywhere.

    current market for healthcare:


    IT is estimated at $25 billion and growing at about a 10% per year compound growth rate.


    The fastest growing components of the industry are expected to be external services and software, with annual growth of about 15%. Internal healthcare IT spending is projected to be relatively flat, however, growing at only around 3% per year.


    These trends point toward the increased use of outsourcing and ASP service platforms to companies like Patient Access Solutions.

  • Bruce Weitzberg

    President & CEO Bringing over 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry to PAS Health with a variety of healthcare processing companies...

The PASHealth Web Portal System including Digital writing capabilities (D-PAS) is a total healthcare transaction processing solution. The PAS Web Portal System improves processing efficiencies and significantly reduces administrative expenses for physician practices, hospitals, medical centers, clinics and the insurance payers.