Bruce Weitzberg - President & CEO


Bringing over 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry to PASHealth with a variety of healthcare processing companies, Bruce Weitzberg is responsible for the overall execution of the company’s operations and sales strategy.


With over 30 years of sales and sales management experience, Mr. Weitzberg has a profound background in healthcare administration, patient access and revenue cycle management solutions.


He is a former Chairperson for a number of sub-committees for the recently formed Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE), operated by CAQH.

The PASHealth Web Portal System offers electronic medical eligibility, electronic referrals, and service authorizations, electronic claims processing, drug formularies, electronic prescriptions, electronic medical records and patient data, automating the labor intensive and expensive manual process currently used by many facilities and healthcare providers.

D-PAS utilizes digital pen & paper, to capture handwritten information from the doctor or office personnel, transfer it into a digital form into the PAS web portal and utilize the data to initiate workflows in a secure environment.


A patient's medical history and patient records are used to initiate necessary workflows within the web portal, securely and much more efficiently, empowering the healthcare business process.


In addition, the Web Portal System offers a complete suite of self pay receivable management solutions for the healthcare facilities.

D-PAS is a product of Patient Access Solutions, Inc., a technology solutions provider focused on quality and service within the healthcare community, with an overall focus of using innovative and secure technology to facilitate their client’s needs.