In its traditional paper form, medical and dental claims processing has always been an administrative burden to providers and payers alike. Paper handling and HCFA filing inefficiencies have led to many problems that incur a significant expense of time and money.


For this application the PAS system has emerged as the logical and cost-effective solution.


As, either a stand-alone claims processing system, or integrated with the provider Practice Management System, the claim is instantly transmitted to the PASHealth network servers where the claim goes through an intensive verification process and sent directly to the insurance carrier for direct reimbursement to the provider.


The key to our success has been our ability to provide healthcare providers and organizations with proven payment solutions that provide their patients with the payment flexibility they need.


The entire process is 100% paperless, secure and takes about 45 seconds to complete. The provider can access daily and monthly transaction reports. The data can also be provided in electronic format for integration with practice management software.


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Does your practice management system have the capability to conduct claim status and claim tracking transactions? You no longer have to pay for an upgrade or on-going support of your PMS to conduct these time saving requests.


By utilizing the PASHealth Web Based Portal System, you will reduce your costs, reduce your time on the phone calling payers, reduce lengthy times on hold, all by conducting your requests online and receiving your claim status response in mere seconds.


All responses are printable and easy to read for quick reference. Make your billing and collections a simple and efficient process by using the PASHealth Web Portal Claims System.

     PAS Claims Tutorial

    Click on claims button. At PASHealth log in page, scroll down to the end of the page to download our interactive tutorials.

The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) will transmit payment details from the payer. You can print and post payments to your practice management system. Eliminate the wait for mailed explanation of benefits by posting immediately from your ERA notification.


If your system is able to accept a HIPAA compliant 835 ERA transactions, you can upload the ERAs and eliminate all data entry for payments into your practice management system. Save time on data entry of payments and avoid entry errors and the mail delays related to explanation of benefits and add extensive improvements to your billing processes today.


This transaction adds even more value when you accept electronic funds transfer from participating payers representing a full and complete electronic financial cycle.