Information is often called the lifeblood of a healthcare practice and the ability to gather, process, analyze and protect data, can be the determinant factor between its success and failure.


Today, handwritten documentation still serves as one of the most fundamental and reliable ways of capturing patient information. These handwritten patient eligibility forms or medical record documents are often transcribed and manually entered into a database or patient information system in order to begin most healthcare business processes.


In addition, these paper forms are usually scanned in order to render them in a digital format. This is an arduous and time consuming process, prone to human error and unnecessary redundancies. Many solution providers continue to ask the question: "How can we streamline day-to-day healthcare paperwork processes without disrupting the simplicity of using ordinary pen and paper?"

Doctor using D_PAS Technology

D-PAS utilizes digital pen & paper, a component of Anoto technology, to capture handwritten information, transfer it into a digital form and utilize the data to initiate workflows in a secure environment.


Patients medical history and patient records are securely used to initiate necessary workflows digitally, securely and much more efficiently, empowering the healthcare business process.


D-PAS is a product of Patient Access Solutions, Inc.


We are a technology solutions provider focused on quality and service within the healthcare community, with an overall focus of using innovative and secure technology to facilitate their client’s needs.

    Writing with D-PAS


D-PAS utilizes a digital pen and paper technology, which is easy to use, has a low cost of ownership, and is unobtrusive to business processes.


This means people utilizing this technology can continue to write with pen and paper.


All the information written is captured electronically, transmitted to a central processing server via the Internet and made available to back office and document management systems immediately.